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        Remote or Onsite        Witness-Only Video with Date/Time and Videographer Certification        Exhibit Presentation with Real-Time Navigation, Callouts, and Highlights        Trial-Ready, Live-Switched Picture-in-Picture Deliverable        Multi-Platform, Video-Conference Hosting        and much more.        

Comprehensive Coverage

Our expert team of videographers, presenters, and technicians are experienced in tackling the technical minutia of remote depositions, which lets you focus on the task at hand. Contact us today to ensure your upcoming schedule of remote depositions is covered by the best in the business.

State of the Art

HD, witness-only video. Date/time stamp. Videographer certification. Live-switched picture-in-picture. Simultaneous, isolated HD backup. Exhibit presentation with real-time navigation, callouts, and highlights. Same-day delivery in multiple formats. Onsite and remote.

24/7 Support

Contact us any time, day or night. Our exceptional support team is available around the clock to assist you.

Experience measured in decades.

We've been there, and we'll be there. We've got years of good ideas, and we're here now to help you win.

Evident's Services

  • Remote and Onsite Depositions
  • Witness-Only Video Capture with Date/Time and Videographer Certification
  • Real-Time Video Streaming
  • Exhibit Presentation with Real-Time Navigation, Callouts, and Highlights
  • Trial-Ready, Live-Switched Picture-in-Picture
  • Electronic Reporting
  • Text-Searchable, Transcript to Video Sync Products
  • Precision Video Editing
  • Multi-Platform Video-Conference Hosting Services
  • Onsite Media Delivery
  • Instantaneous Web Delivery and Online Archival

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